Advanced Air Care is the premier choice among air duct cleaning companies in Metro Detroit, thanks to our exceptional approach. We utilize a state-of-the-art, high-powered 16,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) vacuum truck, placing us in a league of our own.

Our distinction doesn't stop there. We go beyond mere equipment; it's our meticulous 9-step duct cleaning process that truly sets us apart. While portable duct cleaning equipment falls short, our PowerVac truck ensures unparalleled suction power, making every step of our duct cleaning process highly effective.

With Advanced Air Care, you're getting a superior combination of cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive approach to duct cleaning.

Let's walk you through the steps of our process:

Step 1- Duct Cleaning Readiness and Protective Measures

Our process begins with a thorough walkthrough of your home. We ensure that both the furnace and AC are switched off, and all registers are closed. To maintain a pristine environment, we strategically place plastic sheeting where needed. Next, we connect a substantial vacuum hose from our Powervac truck to the furnace room.

As part of our meticulous approach, we encase the furnace filter in a plastic bag and then reinstall it into the furnace. This precautionary step guarantees that the cleaning process allows air to circumvent the furnace, preventing any dust or debris from being drawn into the furnace system.

Step 2 - Cutting-Edge Power Activation:

Next, we initiate our state-of-the-art 16,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) PowerVac truck, characterized by its advanced technology. We patiently wait for the HVAC system to achieve complete negative pressure on your ducts, ensuring that all vents are hermetically sealed. This meticulous preparation marks the beginning of our highly efficient duct cleaning process.

Step 3 - Duct Branch Precision Cleaning:

Commencing from the farthest register vent, our highly skilled technicians utilize a precision agitation duct cleaning tool to navigate each duct branch line (air duct tube) until it reaches the central air duct trunk box. This methodical process is coupled with the relentless suction power of our high-capacity vacuum, swiftly and effectively evacuating dislodged dust and debris from your living space and channeling it into our specialized Powervac truck. This comprehensive duct cleaning procedure is meticulously replicated at each register.

Step 4 - Advanced Trunk Line Cleaning:

Following the thorough cleaning of all air duct branch lines, we redirect our attention to the frequently overlooked trunk lines, which serve as the central hub of your HVAC system. Here, our approach diverges significantly from the standard methods employed by inferior air duct cleaning providers. Our technicians introduce a cutting-edge reverse air jetting agitation tool, engineered for precision and efficiency. This advanced duct cleaning tool allows us to safely and skillfully redirect substantial debris back into the vacuum hose, ensuring a level of cleanliness and thoroughness that surpasses conventional methods.

Step 5 - Precision Vent Cover Cleaning:

Our highly skilled technicians embark on a meticulous process involving the removal, cleaning, and sanitization of all register vent covers, including return grills. Leveraging an EPA-registered sanitizer, we employ cutting-edge techniques to ensure the utmost cleanliness and safety for your home environment. Every cleaning solution in our arsenal is rigorously certified as safe for your residence. Following this comprehensive treatment, we expertly reinstall all vent covers.

Step 6 - Advanced Inner Component Enhancement:

With our meticulous cleaning process successfully applied to the entire system, we seamlessly transition our focus to the inner components of your furnace, specifically the AC/coil. The AC/coil cleaning ultimately leading to a significant enhancement in both the coil's efficiency and the overall performance of your HVAC system.

Step 7 - Furnace Revitalization:

We shift our focus to your furnace, embarking on an extensive and comprehensive cleaning process. This in-depth treatment encompasses a thorough inspection and cleaning of various critical components, including the blower motor, squirrel cage, fins, burners, heat exchanger, and all electrical elements. Following this meticulous cleaning, we proceed to sanitize the furnace, ensuring its optimal hygienic state.

Step 8 - Advanced Sanitization Culmination:

As the cleaning process reaches its conclusion, we usher in a high-tech finale. We introduce an EPA-approved air duct sanitizer, which is meticulously dispersed throughout the HVAC system. This sophisticated application is expertly executed using an ultra-low volume fogger (ULV), ensuring thorough coverage and penetration, thereby enhancing the overall hygiene of your system.

Step 9 - Home Environment Revitalization and Final Check:

With the system now impeccably cleaned and sanitized, we transition to the reactivation phase. This involves the systematic reopening of all vents and the re-initiation of the furnace. We proceed to conduct a comprehensive system check to verify its proper functioning. Finally, we methodically seal all access points, maintaining the system's integrity. While the furnace/AC resumes operation, we meticulously roll up the protective plastic and embark on a final walkthrough. Our unwavering commitment to a flawless finish guarantees that your home's air duct system emerges not only impeccably clean but also imbued with a refreshing, inviting ambiance.

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